My review of Robert C. Martin’s “Clean Code”.

Clean Code — Robert C. Martin Clean Code — Robert C. Martin

I have worked with code for 10+ years – some quite nice and some absolutely terrible. In the first case, it was quite easy to understand and to maintain. In the other, it took hours if not days before I could put in the simplest patch, fix a bug, add any kind of small feature… And it reflected in the costs required to maintain the application!

Considering a huge part of a developer’s job is to read code, this book will help you tell the difference between good and bad code. You will also learn how to write good code and transform bad code to better one. As a couple of examples of things I read in “Clean Code”, I can think of names of variables/functions/classes, consistent formating, error-handling and unit-testing.

You will need to think while reading this book, if you want to profit from it fully – there are examples of code in it that are quite long and will require your full attention. But isn’t thinking a huge part of our job?

45 Many useful notions, this is a book I wish more software developers would read. I’m not giving it the whole 55 because some examples of code are long, a bit too much for a paper book.

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This is the second book I read in Robert C. Martin’s series. You can also read my review of “The Clean Coder”.