My review of “So Good They Cant Ignore You”, by Cal Newport.

So Good They Cant Ignore You — Cal Newport So Good They Cant Ignore You — Cal Newport

“Follow your passion”. In this book, the second I read from this author (I read Deep Work last month), Cal Newport explains why this advice we so frequently hear, is not the best way to go when it comes to your work.

Passion is rare, and passion is also dangerous: being passionate about something does not garantee you’ll be good at what you do! Instead, you should go the way of the craftsman, accumulating a career capital and investing it wisely. You should also remain in control of your career. This means acquiring control only if you have the capital to back it up and using money as an indicator of your value. Finally, your mission requires both capital (expertise) and little bets (going in small steps, getting feedback each time), as well as marketing.

55 I like the idea you can build the career you’ll love, and agree following your passion is not necessarily the way to begin. In addition, this book is short enough and easy to read.

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