My short review of “The Clean Coder”, writen by Robert C. Martin.

The Clean Coder — Robert C. Martin The Clean Coder — Robert C. Martin

In this book, the first I read in Robert C. Martin’s series, you’ll learn about the importance of saying “No”, about time management and estimations, coding and testing (including Test Driven Development and acceptance testing), collaboration and teams and mentoring.

Each section is clear and short enough, and presents the relevant ideas in terms that a beginner or a young programmer should understand. And I actually recognized many things I’ve done (right or wrong) in my 10+ years career.

45 This book is easy to read and short enough. It presents many concepts all developers should know.

In fact, there is probably only one reason for which I’m not giving it 55. It says a programmer must be working more than 40 hours a week, adding 20 hours to work on their problems. I agree investing in one’s career is a very good idea (and I do so myself), but I still think one deserves the right to be called a professional even if they only work 40 hours a week.

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This is the first book I read in Robert C. Martin’s series. You can also read my review of “Clean Code”.