A review of “The Design of Everyday Things”, by Don Norman.

The Design of Everyday Things — Don Norman The Design of Everyday Things — Don Norman

A few days after reading this book, I was in a rented house I had not been to in years. And I started noticing how a few small details made my everyday life more complex. To get hot water in the kitchen, I had to turn the sink faucet in the wrong direction. The cooktop controls were not setup in any logical way. These are two examples Don Norman presents in this book and which are nevertheless done wrong again and again.

Reading “The Design of Everyday Things”, you’ll learn about affordances, signifiers and constraints. You’ll see humans think they’re doing errors, while it’s in fact bad design at play.

This books, at first, has nothing to do with web or mobile applications – which means it’s up to each one of us to understand how these relate to everyday things and how to design them keeping this in mind.

55 I woud recommend this book, it opened my mind on how seemingly small details can make things harder to use than necessary.

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