My review of Camille Fournier’s “The Managers Path”.

The Manager's Path — Camille Fournier The Manager's Path — Camille Fournier

I’ve worked for 10+ years, going from intern, to junior-developper, to senior and lead-developper. As such, I recognized my own experiences in more than the first half of this book. I also saw some memories of my past managers’s lives in the second half – and, depending on what comes next for me, that second half could become really useful in the future.

“The Managers Path” follows the progression of many programmer’s career, starting with mentoring, then tech lead, before going to managing people, then a team, multiples teams, and finally managing managers. I tells about management (one-to-one meetings, feedback, training) and includes a section about culture.

It reminded me of things I did right (or not), and of things my managers did right (or not), in the past. If you aim to help as a mentor, or to become a lead-developper or a manager, you will find useful advice in this book!

55 I woud recommend this book: it’s not too long, it’s easy to read and I find it interesting.

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If you’re looking for another book about management and developers, take a look at my review of “Managing Humans”, by Michael Lopp. It is less structured towards career progression than this one, and more built of several independant smaller chapters, but is still an interesting read.