My review of “The Art of Business Communication”, by Graham Shaw.

The Art of Business Communication — Graham Shaw The Art of Business Communication — Graham Shaw

I’ve never been good at drawing. Like pretty much anyone I know, if I listen to them, actually. As a consequence, I’m not used to drawing anything. Even taking a pen to do some charts to illustrate what I’m saying during a presentation is hard.

I bought this book after I watched some youtube videos of Graham Shaw. Since then, I’m less hesitant to taking that pen and using it. I’m still not doing beautiful pictures. But I realized they don’t have to be perfect to be helpful: even a few strokes of a pen can help people understand what I’m saying.

A few weeks ago, I would never have dared trying to draw anything. Yet, one day I took a pen a drew a few lines on a piece of paper, showed it to a colleague and asked her what she saw. First answer: “a duck” – which was what I had in mind! Now, I’m less hesitant and I know I can use that to communicate. And maybe all it takes is a bit of practice?

55 It’s short and easy to read. Goes farther than just drawing. I would recommend it if you have to do any kind of presentation, especially in a professionnal setting.

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