My review of Stephen King’s “On Writing”.

On Writing. — Stephen King On Writing. — Stephen King

I remember the first time I read a Stephen King book. It was “Pet Semetary”, I spent pretty much all night reading it, unable to pause. The story was good and the style was so easy to read I didn’t get tired at any point.

“On Writing” is one of the few non-fiction books writen by Stephen King. The first part is kind of an auto-biography. And the second part is packed with advices for writers.

One of those advices is to write shorter sentences. The second, which goes the same way, is your second draft should be the first one, less 10%. I since try to follow those – and it’s hard, trust me!

55 Very easy to read, good advices. If you want to write better, if you want your text to become easier to read, first read this! And, then, practice ;-)

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