This is my quick review of “The Dilbert Principle”, by Scott Adams.

The Dilbert Principle — Scott Adams The Dilbert Principle — Scott Adams

I read the new Dilbert comic pretty much every day – and I’ve done so for years now. Sometimes, it’s really good and a perfect illustration of things I’ve seen around me, at work or from discussions I’ve had with friends and family.

This book has been written by Dilbert’s author, Scott Adams, many years ago1. It goes over several points revolving around management, mostly at big companies. Each time, several Dilbert comic strips illustrate what’s written and we occasionally can read extracts of emails people have sent to Scott Adams.

This book is not about finding out how to become good in your job or how to be a better manager. Actually, it’s more a satire of corporate life than anything, hence the famous Dilbert principle:

The most ineffective workers will be systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage — management.

25 My heart balanced a lot between “good” and “bad” for this book. In the end, I would not recommend it, as it is too much oriented towards negativity for my taste. Yes, what’s written in “The Dilbert Principle” is quite true and at smiled a few times, but I like a more positive and constructive approach – and the numerous comics, no matter how good, did not make my feeling of unease disappear.

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  1. I’ve had to check: this book was published in 1997 – 20 years ago. [return]