My quick review of Timothy Ferriss’s “Tools of Titans”.

Tools of Titans — Timothy Ferriss Tools of Titans — Timothy Ferriss

This book is mainly built of excerpts from interviews and discussions Timothy Ferriss had with many successful people (artists, entrepreneurs, actors, athletes…), and also contains some non-profile chapters here and there. It is split in three main sections.

The first section is titled “Healthy”. In there, you’ll read about supplements and physical activities and sleep. I have to admit, my lifestyle is far from what’s described in this section and I ended skipping several dozen pages. I even thought I would just stop reading the book, before realizing the next section could be more interesting to me.

In the second section, called “Wealthy”, I read some anecdotes and about some habits of several people I had heard of before – people to whom I could relate more than those in the first section, at least. I liked some of those profiles and found various paragraphs here and there interesting. This section saved this book, to me: without it, I would have put the book back on its shelf without finishing reading it.

The last section is titled “Wise”. It was more interesting to me than the first one, but less than the second one. I still found some interesting pieces of information in some profiles, but that’s pretty much it.

25 There are a few paragraphs and pages – even some anecdotes and profiles – I liked, but they must account for around 100 to 200 pages of the total 700 pages of this book. I actually came close, more than once, to closing the book, putting it back on the shelf without finishing it, hoping I would then open one I’d enjoy more.

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